• HIV.GOV Launches New Chatbot Tool
    06-02-2021Recently, launched the prototype of a new chatbot tool that is accessible from the site at Users can...
  • Email: A Top HIV Communications Tool!
    06-25-2019Strengthen your HIV communications strategy by using email more effectively. Use these tips to freshen up your emails and enhance communication.
  • Three Steps to Creating Strong Passwords
    01-31-2019It’s important to update your passwords regularly to prevent unauthorized access to your online accounts and safeguard your valuable personal information.
  • Are You Designing for Translation?
    01-29-2019Do you need to createa new website or other type of assets?Will this content also be used for audiences whose primary language is not English?
  • GSA Steps Up Security for .gov
    12-11-2018We want .gov to remain a trusted and secure space for all users, so over the last year we’ve focused on increasing trust and safety in our ecosystem.
  • Smartphones - A Smart Tool for HIV Communications
    11-13-2018At, we’re focused on the future of mobile and health communication - are you?
  • PrEP? There’s an App for that
    11-08-2018Apps are one digital tool that organizations working in HIV prevention and treatment could consider adding to their communications strategy. In order to learn m…
  • Keeping Up with Digital Change
    10-30-2018Two ways you can stay abreast of changes in social media are to set up an appointment for social media TA with’s Virtual Office Hours or attend th…
  • ICYMI: New Media Interventions @ AIDS 2018 wanted to catch you up on some exciting research on howsocial and digital mediacan be used to further HIV prevention, care and treatment.
  • Experts Predict Five Big Internet Trends To Watch
    08-31-2018As summer ends, a good read - the annual Meeker Internet Trend Report is a highly anticipated resource for understanding today’s digital landscape and ide…
  • 3 Lessons Learned from’s Chatbot Pilot
    08-28-2018It’s been one month since we launched our first Facebook chatbot—a tool that can simulate conversation to deliver tailored content to your audiences…
  • 10 Health Literacy Tips for Reporting Data
    08-21-2018Nearly 90% of people struggle to understand health communication messages. This means that the data and reports we publish from our data tracking systems should…
  • 5 Tips for Using Mobile Video Effectively
    08-14-2018Here are a few more reasons why digital thought leaders think that mobile video is a trend to watch and why it is important for HIV service organizations to be.…
  • Five Trends to Watch In Mobile
    07-31-2018According to the Pew Research Center: The vast majority of Americans – 95% – now own a cellphone of some kind. Today just over one-in-ten American a…
  • 5 Ways to Follow @ AIDS 2018
    07-19-2018The countdown is on: only a few days until we’re streaming live on Facebook from the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) in Amsterdam.