Mpox and People with HIV

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Mpox Vaccine Information: To protect yourself and prevent a new mpox outbreak, CDC recommends that people with HIV and others at risk for mpox get vaccinated with both doses of the two-dose vaccine. Talk to your provider about whether the vaccine is right for you.

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Mpox and HIV: What’s the Connection?

People with HIV are over-represented in current mpox cases. According to CDC, researchers do not know if having HIV increases the likelihood of getting infected with mpox virus if exposed. However, they do know that people with advanced HIV (those who are immunocompromised) are at increased risk of severe mpox and death if they get the mpox virus. Learn more about how mpox spreads.

If you have HIV, you should follow the same recommendations as everyone else to protect yourself from mpox, including getting vaccinated. Taking your HIV medication as prescribed and keeping an undetectable viral load are the best things you can do to stay healthy, and doing so also prevents you from sexually transmitting HIV to your HIV-negative partner.

WATCH: Dr. John Brooks, Chief Medical Officer of CDC's Division of HIV Prevention, talks about what individuals need to know about mpox during spring 2024, as LGBTQI+ Pride season is gearing upExit Disclaimer.

Mpox Vaccines

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The mpox national public health emergency ended on January 31, 2023, but that doesn’t mean the virus is completely gone. Vaccination is an important tool to prevent the spread of mpox beyond an outbreak.

CDC recommends that anyone with HIV should get vaccinated for mpox. It is a two-dose vaccine, authorized for the prevention of mpox, and it is safe and effective for people with HIV.

CDC also recommends that you should get vaccinated with both doses of the mpox vaccine if you:

  • Are a gay, bisexual, or other same-gender loving man who has sex with men or are transgender, gender nonbinary, or gender-diverse
  • Have had sexual or intimate contact with someone who may have had mpox. Get vaccinated as soon as possible after exposure, regardless of your sexual or gender identity

AND if you, in the last 6 months, have had or expect to have:

  • One or more sexually transmitted infections
  • A weakened immune system because of another illness
  • Sexual or intimate contact with a person who is at risk of mpox
  • Anonymous sexual or intimate contact, or more than one sexual partner

Get both doses of the vaccine unless:

  • You had a severe allergic reaction (such as anaphylaxis) after getting your first dose of the vaccine.

Two doses provide the best protection. Get dose 1, wait 4 weeks, and then get dose 2. You will have maximum protection two weeks after your second dose. If you have questions about whether mpox vaccination is right for you, talk to a healthcare provider.

Bavarian Nordic, the manufacturer of the JYNNEOS vaccine, has told the U.S. government it plans to put the vaccine on the commercial market around April 1, 2024. Federal agencies are working with Bavarian Nordic to ensure that people will continue to have broad access to this vaccine, including people who are uninsured and underinsured.

CDC also continues to monitor the global mpox situation, including an outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Learn the Latest About the Mpox Vaccine

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Please download and share these videos on your social media channels.

Get the Facts About Mpox and HIV

Looking for more information about mpox? It’s important to separate myths from facts.

Visit CDC’s mpox site for the latest information about mpox symptoms, how it spreads, prevention, vaccines, treatment, and more.

Read CDC’s FAQ about mpox and HIV.

Fact sheets:

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