We're all Facing AIDS one photo, message, video, blog at a time.

Content From: Michelle Samplin-Salgado, Account Director, Prochilo HealthPublished: November 30, 20122 min read


We launched the Facing AIDS photo sharing initiative on World AIDS Day five years ago to give individuals worldwide an opportunity to reflect on their involvement in ending the AIDS epidemic. Since then, thousands of you have submitted messages and stories about why you are Facing AIDS. What started as a photo sharing campaign to demonstrate how photo sharing can extend the reach of HIV-related work, has evolved into people sharing their stories using blogs, podcasts, and video. Regardless of the medium, we’re reminded that we are all in this together, whatever our reason may be.

In our third “story behind the sign,” Ken Williams created a video to share his story about why he (along with his friends and colleagues) is facing AIDS this World AIDS Day.

We encourage you to view the Facing AIDS gallery to see photos of people living with HIV, the people (friends, family members and even pets) who love them, and the hundreds of people who are working every day to move us closer to an AIDS-free generation.

Be inspired by the photos. By Ken’s video. By the stories you read and listen to. Then join us by sharing your photo and voice for World AIDS Day. We all have a story. We all have a message. We are all facing AIDS.

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