ICYMI: HIV Research Round-Up from CROI 2018

Content From: HIV.govPublished: March 28, 20183 min read


Dr. Dieffenbach, the Director of the Division of AIDS at NIH's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) speaks on camera with his colleague Anne Rancourt

Earlier this month, we partnered with Federal colleagues from NIH, CDC, and HRSA to share highlights of and perspectives on HIV research coming out of the 2018 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI). This included six Facebook Live videos that have reached more than 20,000 viewers as well as coverage here on the blog with three posts featuring those videos as well as several cross-posts of CDC and NIH announcements about research they supported that made news at the conference.

For your convenience, we’ve re-capped our coverage here so you can catch up on any of the posts or videos that you missed or share them with your friends and colleagues:

  • HIV Research Highlights from First Day of CROI 2018 (Video)
    Featuring a discussion with NIH’s Dr. Carl Dieffenbach about research on increased HIV acquisition risk for women during pregnancy and post-partum and an innovative short-course TB prevention regimen for people living with HIV.

  • More HIV Research Highlights from CROI 2018 (Videos)
    • NIH’s Dr. Carl Dieffenbach discussing a study of a vaginal ring for HIV prevention and studies about heart disease among people living with HIV;
    • An interview with Dr. Laura Cheever who leads the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program for HRSA about moving HIV research into clinical practice; and
    • A conversation with CDC’s Dr. Dawn Smith about new analysis of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) need and use by race/ethnicity and risk group in the United States.

  • Final HIV Research Highlights from CROI 2018 (2 Videos)
    • NIH's Dr. Carl Dieffenbach discussing drug-drug interactions between contraceptive rings and antiretrovirals (ARVs) as well as new research on organ transplants between people living with HIV; and
    • CDC’s Dr. Jonathan Mermin discussing HIV and syphilis infections among men who have sex with men.

All of our coverage from CROI can be found using the “CROI” topic tag. Check out the posts and videos if you missed them. Share feedback with us about our coverage of CROI and HIV research on FacebookExit Disclaimer or TwitterExit Disclaimer. Read more about Federal HIV research activities and the agencies involved elsewhere on HIV.gov.

Facebook Live Videos

In addition to being viewed many times, viewers watched HIV.gov’s CROI 2018 videos on average two times longer than Facebook’s average watch time. Engagement was also high, with many users commenting on and sharing the videos. Are you interested in increasing engagement with followers on Facebook? Have you ever wondered about making use of live-streaming videos in your work in the HIV field? To learn from our experience, read this post. Also check out our post and video about how anyone can produce a Facebook Live event, regardless of budget.