How to Host a Facebook Live

Content From: HIV.govPublished: September 08, 20171 min read


Image of notebooks and a phone showing the facebook log in screen.

Facebook Live is a video streaming tool that allows your audience to connect with you live! Our tips for a successful Facebook Live are to plan out your content, prepare your presenters, and promote before, during, and after the stream. To increase engagement during your live stream, say hello to viewers who are participating in the event and encourage them to leave comments or questions in the comments section to keep the conversation going. If possible, respond to viewer questions in real time. After the stream has ended, review your analytics to see how well your live video performed and create your own lessons learned to use during your next event!

Don't have the bells and whistles for a big Facebook Live production? No problem! All you need is a phone with a camera! Going live right from your phone can make your video appear more organic and relatable to your viewers. Last year,'s Aisha Moore, provide tips on how to make your Facebook Live successful with limited resourcesExit Disclaimer.