AIDSinfo Adds Investigational Therapeutic HIV Vaccine Information to Website

Content From: AIDS InfoPublished: December 26, 20162 min read


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“What is PRO-140?”

“In what phase of study is injectable cabotegravir?”

“How do latency-reversing agents work?”

Answers to all of these questions can be found in the AIDSinfo Drug Database. The database is a federal resource that includes information on both FDA-approved and investigational HIV-related drugs. Information on more than 50 investigational drugs is available in the Drug Database. Investigational drugs are not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for sale in the United States, but they are under study and some may hold promise for future HIV treatment and prevention.


AIDSinfo, a service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has witnessed an increasing interest by users in the investigational portion of the Drug Database. “AIDSinfo drug information is unique in that we provide thorough summaries of not only FDA-approved HIV drugs but also investigational HIV drugs,” explained Nicole Scott, AIDSinfo Project Officer, through the Specialized Information Services at the National Library of Medicine. “In response to user feedback, we are expanding the database to house more investigational drugs and will now also include investigational therapeutic HIV vaccines.”

Similar to the information provided for other investigational drugs, the therapeutic HIV vaccines have two separate easy-to-read summaries—one for health consumers and one for researchers and health professionals. Both versions include up-to-date information on relevant clinical trials, possible side effects, and how vaccine research is conducted.

There are currently three investigational therapeutic HIV vaccines in the Drug Database:

  • AGS-004, a personalized vaccine that is made from a person’s own HIV proteins and immune cells.
  • GTU-MultiHIV B, a DNA vaccine that contains parts of HIV’s genetic information.
  • LIPO-5, a vaccine that is made up of synthetic HIV peptides (pieces of HIV proteins created in a laboratory setting).

To learn more about therapeutic HIV vaccines, read the AIDSinfo What is a Therapeutic HIV Vaccine? fact sheet or view the Therapeutic HIV Vaccines infographic.

In the coming months, additional investigational drugs, including more therapeutic HIV vaccines, will be added to the Drug Database. Users can access the Drug Database at AIDSinfo and infoSIDA or via the AIDSinfo Drug Database App, which can be downloaded to iOS or Android devices. Keep us posted on your experience with the Drug Database. We welcome your questions and comments at