AIDS 2012 and “The State of New Media and HIV”

Content From: Ingrid Floyd, Executive Director, Iris House; Board Member, National Women and AIDS CollectivePublished: July 10, 20122 min read


Ingrid Floyd
Ingrid Floyd
This year’s International AIDS Conference from other countries, they are amazed about the service offerings at our agency and the availability of services across New York. They tell stories of the hardship they face to get people necessary medications and ensure they have a safe place to store and take the medications. We often hear how women are abused once they have disclosed and how they work to empower women to be able to negotiate or give them tools such as female condoms when they can’t.

I always think after hearing these stories that these are some of the same struggles we face in working with women just on a different scale. Our women often are unable to negotiate safer sex due to unstable housing, lack of employment and factors that lead to dependency on others that cause them to feel helpless and vulnerable. They often don’t take medications due to stigma and lack of disclosure to their family members. So I’m energized to attend AIDS 2012 to share stories with other NGOs serving women and to swap successes and ideas that we can all implement.

I am also excited about the opportunity to present on “The State of New Media and HIV” at a satellite session hosted by New media such as Facebook , Twitter, YouTube, and mobile have really expanded the reach of our work beyond our doors and our communities. These tools have allowed us to reach women and men, young and old, in a way that would never be possible given limited resources. People now interact with Iris House online who would never see our work in action. They are able to ask questions, get connected to resources and join a community that would never judge them because of their status. This session on new media will allow participants to see real examples of how they can implement the tools in an effective way to enhance their missions and expand their reach. I hope you will join us and bring your examples and enthusiasm to this session and to all of the activities surrounding AIDS 2012.