What the Top HIV.gov Awareness Day Blogs in 2018 Mean for 2019

Content From: HIV.govPublished: December 27, 20182 min read


Screen capture of the HIV.gov Awareness Days pages.

Here are this year’s top 7 blogs in HIV.gov’s Awareness Day category, along with thoughts on what this list tells us about how to better serve you in your communication efforts:

Reviewing our blogs gave us insights on what content we think is useful for blog that mark the HIV awareness days. We encourage blogs to provide:

  • resources that can be easily used for social media and traditional communication ahead of an observance day;
  • timely updates on the impact of HIV on populations that are the focus of an observance; and
  • examples of progress and opportunities related to our collective response to the HIV epidemic.

Looking Ahead

Knowing the content that engaged you most in 2018 will help us to give you the content and updates about HIV Awareness Days you want in 2019. We plan to feature a wider array of communication resources for your use, and to provide updates that you can tie to each observance—both those that are population-focused and those that span communities. And of course we will continue to share new developments in HIV prevention, care, and research to inspire and inform your communications.

For a list of observances, visit the HIV.gov calendar and subscribe to the HIV.gov blog.