Communicating about National HIV Testing Day 2018? Digital Resources, Now.

Content From: HIV.govPublished: June 13, 20183 min read


National HIV Testing Day is June 27

National HIV Testing Day (NHTD - June 27) is a significant opportunity to spread the word about the importance of knowing one’s HIV status, of getting and staying in care, and to support HIV prevention.

In service to our readers’ work, today we connect you with digital communication resources for this year’s observance and beyond.

NHTD Theme

The 2018 theme, "Doing It My Way, Testing for HIV", reflects that there are more options for testing than ever and that testing remains important for all people ages 18 to 64. The theme is consistent with the messages of CDC’s Doing It campaign. As you integrate this theme, we encourage you to check out all the Doing It campaign resources.

Promote HIV Testing

With the HIV Testing Sites & Care Services Locator, your audience can find an HIV test and much more. This recent blog explains how adding the Locator widget to your site can enable your site visitors to search at any time for federally funded testing services, housing providers, health centers, and other service providers.

Per its leadership role in HIV prevention, CDC wants to make HIV testing services easy to find. The CDC site can also connect your audiences to the first step in knowing one’s status.

For some people, PrEP is now a daily part of HIV prevention. CDC provides a database of PrEP providers from across the nation, and a widget to add the locator. (Here’s an explanation of how PrEP fits into HIV prevention).

Share Social Media Images

The NHTD logo on the NHTD page is available for anyone to use. (Be sure to check all resources we’ve collected for you on that page). Images on’s channels (FacebookExit Disclaimer, TwitterExit Disclaimer, and InstagramExit Disclaimer) are also available to share. CDC has posted its social media images and graphics for NHTD 2018.

Talk it Up!

Two hashtags are in use now: #HIVTestingDay and #NHTD. By platform, here’s a few channels that communicate about NHTD and HIV:

Share the Facts

Succinct facts about HIV, its transmission and prevention are available in the basics section, along with related (and shareable!) images. CDC answers some of the common questions related to HIV testing, including the types of tests available, and what to expect when getting a test. The CDC HIV Risk Reduction Tool can help your audience learn to meet their own needs for protection.

Tell a Story

Following on this year’s theme, we hope you will check out CDC’s extensive set of Doing It campaign videos. If you want more videos, check out Positive Spin—stories and videos useful for starting conversation about knowing your status and connecting to care. on YouTubeExit Disclaimer and CDC’s HIV playlistExit Disclaimer are sources too.

We at recognize that the HIV community continues to leverage NHTD, and other national health observances, to stress the importance of our collective response to the epidemic. Before, at, and after NHTD 2018, we’ll be here to provide you with communication resources and news. Subscribe here to keep in the know.