Updated New Media Toolkit Now Available on AIDS.gov

Content From: Mindy Nichamin, AIDS.gov New Media CoordinatorPublished: July 02, 20131 min read


New Media Tool pageAs a part of our technical assistance and training efforts with the HIV community, we provide resources on how to use new media. We recently updated the “New Media Tools” section of HIV.gov. The section features overviews of various new media tools, and provides:
  • a description of the tool
  • data on who is using the tool and how (if available)
  • ideas for how to use the tool in the HIV community
  • examples from the field
  • resources and references
The tools include:
  • Blogs
  • Mashups
  • Mobile
  • Online collaboration tools
  • Photo sharing sites
  • Podcasts
  • QR Codes
  • RSS Feeds
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Network Sites
  • Texting
  • Twitter
  • Video Games
  • Video Sharing Sites
  • Webcasts/Web conferences/Webinars
  • Widgets

We hope that you not only use these tools, but also share them with government and community partners, individuals, and other stakeholders.

We are always looking for examples of how you - the community - are using these tools. Please share your experiences and examples with us. We want to provide you with the best resources possible, and we value your feedback.