The Voices of Non-Profits: at the National Technology Conference

Content From: HIV.govPublished: April 13, 20102 min read


We attended the 2010 National Technology ConferenceExit Disclaimer (NTC) sponsored by the Nonprofit Technology NetworkExit Disclaimer (NTEN) last week, along with hundreds of nonprofit organizations from across the country. We heard from a diverse group of presenters and attendees, ranging from Andrew Sullivan'sExit Disclaimer keynote presentation about blogging for the Atlantic, to Impact Games'Exit Disclaimer Asi Burak's talk about the potential of gaming, to Beth KanterExit Disclaimer's sage advice. We also listened to several of the 1400+ attendees that are using or exploring new media strategies to reach, serve, and collaborate with their audiences.

There was so much to learn and share from NTEN, we decided to use video to let some of the presenters and attendees talk with you in their own words (stay tuned for a blog post about how we created these videos!).





Each year, the team has seen the presence of the HIV community grow at the conference. But if you weren't there, webinars of some sessionsExit Disclaimer and slidesExit Disclaimer are available online.

NTC is one place to dialog with someone who thinks about what you're thinking about to reach an audience like yours. Can you plan to attend the next conference March 17-19, 2011 in Washington, DCExit Disclaimer