Taking the AIDS.gov HIV/AIDS Prevention & Service Provider Locator to Facebook

Content From: Jeremy Vanderlan, AIDS.gov Technical Deputy, and Michelle Samplin-Salgado, AIDS.gov New Media StrategistPublished: February 01, 20121 min read


HIV/AIDS Locator on Facebook

Eight hundred million people are active users of FacebookExit Disclaimer, according to the site’s own statistics. That’s one in nine people living today. Of those 800 million, over 50% check their account on a daily basis.

Because it serves as a connecting point for millions, we developed a Facebook app with our HIV/AIDS Prevention and Service Provider Locator for the Facebook timeline. It is important to note that apps may have potential negative privacy implicationsExit Disclaimer. However, the HIV.gov HIV Prevention & Service Provider Locator is a confidential health information service. This app does not collect any personal information about you nor does it share the search results or your visit to your wall.