STORIFY: Digital resources for HIV testing beyond #NHTD

Content From: AIDS.govPublished: June 30, 20151 min read


June 27 was the 20th observance of National HIV Testing Day a social media analytics tool you can track Twitter conversations and data, stated that the #NHTD hashtagExit Disclaimer was used more than 3,000 times in 7 days leading up to the observance. One of our Twitter followers respondedExit Disclaimer to our #NHTD digital resources with this message to encourage others to get tested: ‏@AIDSgov Exit Disclaimer Jun 27Exit DisclaimerTODAY is National #HIVExit Disclaimer Testing Day. Do you and your loved one know your status? #NHTDExit Disclaimer
Erica E.Johnson ‏@Ebonafied Exit Disclaimer Jun 27Exit Disclaimer@AIDSgovExit Disclaimer YES. I make it part of my yearly physical. KNOW YOUR STATUS. DO NOT put your WELL BEING IN SOME ONE ELSE HAND.

Given the pace of social media, you may have missed some of the NHTD announcements, blogs, photos, and infographics - valuable resources to continue awareness for HIV testing. Using StorifyExit Disclaimer has curated a snapshot various Federal and community activities across a variety of social media platforms. You can use Storify, an online tool used to curate social media content such as Twitter, photos, and videos that tell a story of how your audience is responding to a specific topic.

We invite you to browse our #NHTD Storify and let us know how you will continue the conversation on social media.