Social Media at the 2011 National HIV Prevention Conference

Content From: Bob Kohmescher, 2011 National HIV Prevention Conference Coordinator, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Published: July 12, 20113 min read


National HIV Prevention Conference NHPC
The 2011 National HIV Prevention ConferenceExit Disclaimer (NHPC) will be held in Atlanta, August 14-17. Once again, the NHPC will work to educate attendees about the benefits of using social media strategies in their HIV prevention and outreach efforts. The conference will also be using social media to bring together the conference followers, update attendees on vital conference information, and enhance the overall conference experience through the following social networks:
  • By following @2011NHPCExit Disclaimer on TwitterExit Disclaimer, you will get the latest information about the conference, in real time. You can also converse with other attendees by using and following the #2011NHPCExit Disclaimer hashtag. Be sure to use them in all of your tweets! Even if you cannot attend the conference in person, you will be able to follow tweets to get highlights from the conference, sessions, and plenaries.
  • “Like” the 2011 NHPC Facebook fan pageExit Disclaimer to connect with other attendees, share insights, upload photos from the conference, join in a discussion, and stay updated throughout the conference.

Social Media Lab

If you are new to the world of social media, you can stop by the Social Media Lab at the conference, which will be located in the Hyatt Regency, Lenox Room. No matter your current level of social media engagement, you can reserve a one-on-one consultation with social media experts from CDC to learn more about:
  • Developing a social media strategy
  • Using social media tools like FacebookExit Disclaimer, YouTubeExit Disclaimer, and TwitterExit Disclaimer
  • Incorporating new media in your website to create an interactive dynamic communication tool
  • Producing short video and audio podcasts
  • Ensuring accessibility and 508 compliance
  • Monitoring and evaluating your social media efforts
  • Text messaging as a low-tech but effective tool
The Social Media Lab will also host the following Special Sessions:
  • Monday, 8/16, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm - Creating and Implementing a Social Media Strategy for HIV Prevention: Interested in getting started with social media? During this session, we will discuss the components of a developing, implementing, and evaluating a social media strategy.
  • Monday, 8/16, 3:30 pm - 5 pm - Using Text Messaging, Apps, and the Mobile Web for HIV Prevention: The majority (85%) of American adults have a mobile phone and more and more of them, particularly African Americans and Latinos, are using then to learn about health information or to manage their health. Come learn about how mobile can help you reach your community.
  • Tuesday, 8/17, 10:30 am -12:00 pm - 508 Compliance: It's not just a number: Did you know 508 compliance has been required since 1995? And it's not just the law - it's the right thing to do. Learn about tips and tools to make your information accessible for everyone.
  • Tuesday, 8/17, 1:30pm - 3:00 pm - - Assessing Website Usability: You've built your website - but do you know if and how people use it? Learn quick and inexpensive ways to understand and enhance your website users' experience.

Social Media Sessions

Be sure to also attend the following sessions through the conference that relate to expanding the influence of social media in HIV prevention:
  • Monday, August 15, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm: Bringing Social Media Revolution to HIV Prevention. Location: Hanover F/G (Hyatt Regency Atlanta)
  • Tuesday, August 16, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm: Technology as a Tool for Service Integration. Location: Inman (Hyatt Regency Atlanta)

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Visit the 2011 National HIV Prevention ConferenceExit Disclaimer website to register. At the bottom of the home page you can sign up to follow the conference on Twitter and Facebook and be assured of receiving current updates.