Pew Internet & American Life Project: Leveraging Social Media and the Mobile Internet in Health Messaging

Content From: HIV.govPublished: July 13, 20101 min read


Susannah Fox

Last week the Pew Internet & American Life ProjectExit Disclaimer published a report about mobile accessExit Disclaimer. They found that more and more people are using their mobile phones, laptops, and other wireless devices to access the Internet. People who own a cell phone are also more likely to use it for activities other than talking, such as taking photos, sending text messages, playing games, recording videos, playing music, and sending or receiving email. The report also states that African-Americans and English-speaking Latinos continue to be among the most active users of the mobile web. More African-Americans (87%) and Latinos (87%) own a cell phone compared with whites (80%) and they are more likely to access the Internet from their phones.

The Pew Internet & American Life Project continues to be a source of information and guidance for’s new media activities. Susannah FoxExit Disclaimer, Pew’s Associate Director for Digital Strategy, recently gave a presentation to the HHS Web Council. View her slides and listen to a recording of her presentation, Leveraging Social Media and the Mobile Internet in Health Messaging. Download the transcript. (PDF 184.2K)