NLAAD 2017: Get Ready for Digital Communication

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Fast fact: the first observance of National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD) on October 15, 2003 predated the founding of Facebook.

NLAAD has grown with the digital times (and been renamed to National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day). Now, the key messages for NLAAD are communicated on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other channels.

In keeping with our mission to help readers to be effective and efficient digital communicators, here are social media resources for the 2017 NLAAD observance. The 2017 theme is “To Defeat HIV: You’re a Superhero.  Use Your Superpowers.”  Those powers can include digital communication.

The hashtag for Twitter (and beyond) is #NLAAD.Exit Disclaimer  If you’re looking for Twitter handles to follow, we encourage you to follow:


The Latino Commission on AIDS (LCOA -- the community lead for NLAAD) offers downloadable Facebook cover art, social media profile images, and Twitter covers.Exit Disclaimer This artwork features the 2017 theme.

Like HIV.govExit Disclaimer and CDCHIV Exit Disclaimer for more about NLAAD and the impact of HIV among Hispanics/Latinos.

Website Resources

Ready to go web banners and themed artworkExit Disclaimer are available from LCOA, along with bilingual infographics Exit Disclaimerthat highlight the impact of HIV among multiple subgroups of Hispanics/Latino people. often adds communication resources to our NLAAD page (and other observance day pages too), so visit often in the lead up to October 15.

Visit our HIV basics page to find out more about HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment facts and resources. Our Federal Response section describes the US Government’s work to address the epidemic. This section includes a Recursos en Español page.

Video has been regularly livestreaming videos with Facebook Live. These videos can be a trigger for discussions about HIV programming, policies and current issues. Check out our Facebook page.Exit Disclaimer

If you are looking to do your own livestreaming on or around NLAAD, we’ve got lessons from our Facebook Live experience so far, and a video to guide you in getting started.Exit Disclaimer

CDC’s Doing It campaign includes video testimonials that bring home the message that HIV testing should be a part of everyone’s regular health routine.


To find nearby places to get tested, use the HIV Testing Sites & Care Services Locator. This embeddable video for health and social service providers models the use of the locator Exit Disclaimer with clients.

Using Your Digital Super Power

If you want help in planning your digital presence for NLAAD (or generally), there’s still time to make a free appointment with the Virtual Office Hours social media experts. has been communicating about the national HIV observances since we joined Facebook in 2007. We’ll continue to share resources on our digital platforms to keep you informed, connected, and powered.