Meet the 5 Men that are putting a “Positive Spin” on HIV

Content From: AIDS.govPublished: April 20, 20162 min read


Thanks to advances in HIV treatment, people living with HIV who are diagnosed early, linked to care, prescribed antiretroviral therapy (ART), and stay adherent to their medication are able to live healthy lives and reduce the risk of spreading the virus to others.Positive Spin is nominated for a Webby Award. We created this listicle to celebrate the men of Positive Spin. (Next Tuesday read more about listicles in our weekly social media blog post).

Uriah had more to live for.

Uriah was diagnosed with HIV on April 17th, 1997 at 17 years old during his senior year of high school. Today Uriah is a living a healthy life as a poet, author, and HIV activist.

Uriah says " It wasn't just me I had to live for".
Guy always knew he was bigger than HIV.

Guy started HIV treatment in 2009. By finding people that holistically cared about him and learning how to navigate the healthcare system, Guy was able to work with his doctors to find the best regimen for him. Guy now advocates and speaks openly about being both HIV-positive and having bipolar disorder.

Guy says " I was much bigger then this disease".
Paul put a ring on it.

Paul was diagnosed with HIV in 1987, a time when doctors and researchers were still learning about HIV and how to treat it. An HIV activist and advocate, husband, father, and grandfather, Paul says “I feel like I’ve got a lot of years ahead of me. I’m extremely happy.”

Paul says "There's still hope for the elders."
Patrick educated himself.

Patrick was empowered by finding a doctor who cared about him. He wanted to educate himself on what he needed to know about living with the virus and what it is like to live with HIV.

Patrick says " You need to make sure you're educated".
Ken used (and still uses) his voice.

Ken’s video blog and YouTube channel, KenLikeBarbie, shares his thoughts about life, love, and the twists and turns his life has taken as he has adjusted to living with HIV. “I share my story behind and in front of the camera. Through these stories and connections I stay hopeful,” he says.

Ken says " Having a Voice. That Heals".

What to learn more? Visit Positive Spin to watch videos starting from when each of these men were diagnosed and learn how they connected to care, started treatment, and now live healthy lives with HIV.