How are you #FacingAIDS (video)

Content From: Michelle Samplin-Salgado, Account Director, Prochilo HealthPublished: November 12, 20131 min read


Six years ago we conceptualized Facing AIDS - a photo sharing initiative for people to share photos and messages on why they are facing AIDS. We have heard thousands of reasons over the years about why and how people face AIDS - ranging from the personal (“I’m facing AIDS for 25 years and counting”) to ones that are community oriented (“I’m facing AIDS for young black men everywhere”) to others that are more universal (“I’m facing AIDS for the next generation”).

We’ve put together a video to share some of the common messages we have heard over the years.

The one consistent theme is that we all facing AIDS in one way or another. For Facing AIDS this year, in addition to the photo initiative, we hope you’ll use #FacingAIDS on your social media channels of choice. So whether it’s a tweet using the hashtag, a Facebook update, Instagram, Vine, or other tool, we encourage you to share how you are #FacingAIDS. Because by #FacingAIDS together we will make a difference.