Free Help: Improve Your Organization’s Digital Media Reach, Clarity and More!

Content From: HIV.govPublished: September 11, 20182 min read

Topics provides social media technical assistance at a recent conference.

Together with the HIV service community, we aim to ensure that individuals at risk for or living with HIV can seamlessly use technology to access federal programs and other resources that improve their daily lives, to extend the reach of and engagement in our work, and to use digital tools effectively and efficiently.

One way we work collaboratively with partners is through Virtual Office Hours (VOH). offers free, personalized technical assistance to help HIV program staff with how to access, talk about, or improve their use of digital tools and social media. We aim to deliver relevant, timely, and effective technical assistance to HIV colleagues or organizations to motivate them to strategically use digital media and tools to meet their organization's mission.

How Virtual Office Hours Can Help You

A VOH appointment could help you if you have questions in the following areas:

Developing a digital strategy. Virtual Office Hours could be right for you if you often ask:

  • Where do I start with social media?
  • How can I be more efficient? I'm spending too much time on outreach, help!
  • How do I know which platform is best?

Engaging in a Virtual Office Hours session with enabled Tony Christon-Walker, Director of Prevention and Community Partnerships at AIDS Alabama, to develop a successful digital outreach strategy and improve efficiency: "Investing in digital outreach increased awareness of my organization's services and brought in three times the amount of people in for testing. It allows my team to spend more time providing services. "

Creating engaging content. You may benefit from tips and free tools if you often wonder:

  • No one is liking my page, what should I do?
  • I post a lot, but no one is commenting.
  • I'm reaching the wrong people.
  • How can I create images for free?

Tracking the right metrics. You may need help creating a metrics plan and communicating your success to leadership if you often ask:

  • What metrics are important?
  • What free tools can I use for evaluation?
  • How do I explain to my boss that social media is important?

To talk with an digital expert now to help build your organization's social media strategy and answer questions about digital media, make a Virtual Office Hours appointment today.