Community-led Monkeypox Vaccine Locator Invites Input

Content From: HIV.govPublished: November 21, 20221 min read



Building Healthy Online CommunitiesExit Disclaimer (BHOC) invites the community to add vaccine events and help promote its community-developed monkeypox vaccine locator tool, MPOXVaxMap.orgExit Disclaimer. Here are two quick ways to support this effort:

  1. Use BHOC’s new events feature to list one-time vaccine events, such as pop-up clinics. For instructions on adding an event, watch this videoExit Disclaimer (with audio and closed captions). If you are unable to log in, please email
  2. Promote the vaccine locator. Use BHOC’s social media kits (images and content in EnglishExit Disclaimer and SpanishExit Disclaimer) to share information with appropriate partners.

Federal Monkeypox Resources

Follow’s Monkeypox and HIV Resources page for the latest information and federal resources. Additional monkeypox resources include: