An introduction to HTTPS, by 18F and DigitalGov University

Content From: 18FPublished: October 02, 20151 min read
Editor's Note: Earlier this year, White House issued a directive on HTTPS and a blog Exit Disclaimerabout the importance of the issue for federal government sites. Today we share resources to learn about and implement HTTPS. 18F uses HTTPS for everything we make, and the U.S. government is in the process of transitioning to HTTPS everywhere. As part of this effort, we've recently partnered with DigitalGov University to produce a two-video series introducing the why's and how's of HTTPS.
  • In an Introduction to HTTPS for beginners, we cover what happens when you use the web, how HTTPS helps protect users, and examines why the web (including the U.S. government) is transitioning to use it for everything. No technical background required.
  • In Implementing HTTPS, we cover the mechanics of HTTPS, how to migrate a website or an API, some of the most important technical guidelines when setting up HTTPS, and some ongoing and future technical and political developments in the field. Some technical background is helpful, though not required.
Click here to read the full blog and instructional videos from 18F and Digital Gov University.