Advice from Digital Media Experts

Content From: HIV.govPublished: January 01, 20191 min read


Facebook Live is an amazing way to connect in real time with your audience in a genuine way- Rachel E. Cooke, Director, Strategic Projects and Brand Expansion, Advocates for Youth.
Artificial intelligence holds tremendous potential as a tool to empower the American worker, drive growth in American industry, and improve the lives of the American people- Michael Kratsions, Deputy Assistant to the President for Technology Policy.
More people visit on their smartphones than any other...

The team has conducted hundreds of technical assistance sessions to help our partners use their social media and digital tools more effectively. As our community works to end HIV and AIDS in the U.S., we must all use our social media and digital tools effectively to cut through the digital "noise" and deliver our important messages to our audiences.

Don't believe us? We've rounded up 13 quotes on how to use new digital tools and why the tools are important.

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