In Memoriam

This space honors individuals who have recently passed away and who made significant contributions to national HIV policies and programs.

Janet Cleveland

Janet Cleveland worked at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for more than 30 years and had been the Deputy Division Director at the Division of HIV Prevention. Janet spearheaded HIV prevention community planning within the agency and alongside community partners.

Dawn Smith

Dawn Smith worked as an epidemiologist, medical officer, and researcher in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Division of HIV Prevention for decades, where she offered innumerable contributions to research and advocacy for the expanded use of PrEP, particularly for gay men of color and heterosexual men and women.

Deborah Lebel

As a long-serving employee at JSI, Deborah “Deb” Lebel was dedicated to the development of HIV awareness days. Deb worked for over two decades ensuring grew into the trusted hub for HIV information sharing and was deeply committed to HIV community organizations, advocates, and federal staff working to end the HIV epidemic.

Kirk Myers-Hill

Kirk Myers-Hill founded Abounding Prosperity in Dallas, Texas to focus on health disparities experienced by the Black LGBTQ+ community in Dallas County. Kirk was an advocate for his community and was a frequent national speaker about topics such as HIV, Black gay men, and the specific issues faced by people with HIV in the Southern U.S.

Nominate an Individual would like to honor those who made significant contributions to national HIV policy and programs from around the United States. Coming soon, a form will be made available that will allow members of the community to nominate an individual who is recently deceased and who contributed to the national HIV field to be included on this platform.