Your HIV Experience Can Motivate Others: #mypositivespin

Content From: AIDS.govPublished: September 10, 20151 min read


What do Guy, Ken, Patrick, Paul, and Uriah have in common? All five men live with HIV, are virally suppressed, and have chosen to share their inspiring journeys through a digital storytelling initiative, Positive Spin.

Each of their stories recounts how difficult it was to face the reality of their diagnosis. “I sat at my desk and I cried,” says Ken. But each story ends with a new beginning - of “taking control” of their health, to achieve viral suppression, live happy and healthy.Positive Spin is about sharing stories to educate each other, defy stigma, and create hope. Now it’s your turn! We encourage you to share your experience with #mypositivespinExit Disclaimer, just like our Twitter follower, Tamara Freshour, did:Watch Tamara's storyExit Disclaimer.

You can join the Positive Spin voices in 3 quick steps:
  1. Think of an experience about you or a loved one living with HIV that will inspire others.
  2. Record your story and upload your video, photo, or written story to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube. (Note video lengths: Facebook: 1 minute; Twitter: 30 seconds; Instagram: 15 seconds)
  3. In the description or caption add #mypositivespinExit Disclaimer
It’s time for each us of to share #mypositivespinExit Disclaimer!