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Content From: AIDS.govPublished: November 19, 20131 min read


Last year we released the first version of the Facing AIDS app for iOS (iPhone and iPad). This year we’re pleased to share the updated version of the app, which is now available for Android. It’s also available in English and Spanish.

Just like the original app, simply take a photo or select one from your photo gallery, add your Facing AIDS message, and share it on the Facing AIDS gallery to share messages across social media channels - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and more.

But rather than telling you, we wanted to show you how our app works in this brief video:Speaking of apps, while you’re downloading the Facing AIDS app, remember there’s also the HIV Testing and Service Locator App. It's available for iPhone and iPad, and now on the Android platform. And yes, we have a video for that, too.

The Locator app can also help people living with HIV to navigate the HIV care continuum.

From reducing stigma and #FacingAIDS to locating HIV testing and treatment services...we’ve got an app for that. We encourage you to integrate these tools part of your outreach and engagement toolkit or resources to keep and retain your clients in care.