Where to Find Communication Resources for National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 2019

Content From: HIV.govPublished: January 24, 20193 min read


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National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD) was first observed on February 7th, 1999. That was before Twitter, Facebook, and other digital platforms. Think traditional communication instead, like press releases, etc.

Now zoom to 2019. The HIV community is combining digital and traditional communication strategies and channels to mark the HIV awareness days. Here are social media and digital communication resources that you can use on and around NBHAAD 2019.

Make It Visual

Images free for your use are collected on our NBHAAD page in the HIV.gov Events section. That's where you'll find the logo and other shareable images, fact sheets, videos, and more. Over the next few weeks, we'll add downloads you can use and share images on @HIVgovExit Disclaimer. Hint: don't just look on our NBHAAD page. Most images on HIV.gov are available for reuse.

Focus on HIV Testing

These HIV.gov resources can help you connect people to testing sites and other services:

Talk More, Listen More

The hashtag for NBHAAD 2019 is #NBHAAD. This is one of the long-standing observances strongly marked by the HIV community and it falls within African American History Month. We know you have something to say about NBHAAD. Add the hashtag to be heard!

Here are a few channels that are part of the conversation, and, we think, worth a follow, like or share:

The national lead for this observance is the Strategic Leadership Council and we encourage you to stay abreast of their communication for this year's observance.

For content ideas, visit our timeline of HIV/AIDS and CDC's HIV pages. For tips on how to plan your content, here's our video on using social media for national health observancesExit Disclaimer. And keep a watch on the NBHAAD siteExit Disclaimer offered by the Strategic Leadership Council (the community lead for this observance).

Share the Facts

The HIV.gov Basics section presents important facts about HIV prevention, risk, treatment, and care. It draws on content from federal agencies across the US government. This content is yours to incorporate in your digital and traditional communication.

HIV.gov will continue to blog, post, tweet, and update the calendar of national health observances to support NBHAAD and the national health observances throughout this month. Stay in the know with HIV.gov!