Ready, Set, Go! Five More Tips for Launching a Social Media Page (Part 2)

Content From: HIV.govPublished: February 01, 20183 min read


man looking up with social media icons in background. Ready, Set, Go. More Tips for Launching a Social Media Page.
And we’re back! If you missed the the first 5 tips on launching a social media page, get them on our blog homepage under the Digital Tools section. We’re ready to provide you with more tips! Let’s get started!

Tip #6: Use a Professional Email Address.
Email is one of the many ways professionals can find your page on a social site. If you’re looking to use social media for professional use, a professional email goes a long way. Receiving an email from ‘’ to like an agency’s Facebook page might not go over well with professionals. NetHunt offers 10 great tips on how to create a professional emailExit Disclaimer. If other individuals will monitor your social media accounts, it’s important they have access to the email and password you decide on.

Tip #7: Add Text & Visual Content.
Fill out your page completely. This includes adding information to your bio (or an “About Us” section), providing a link to your website (if applicable), etc. Make sure your default/cover photos are the proper dimensionsExit Disclaimer to avoid your photos being cut off or obscured.

Customizing your page is also important for creating pathways to other content. Social platforms, like Facebook, allow you to add buttons that link to other resources such as e-mail sign-ups, websites, and blogs. Consider adding a welcome message to your page and pinning it to the top of your news feed. This message can help give your audience an idea of who you are and what your page is about.

Tip #8: Promote, Promote, Promote!
Now that you’ve set up your page, it’s time to promote it! There are several ways to get traffic going:Tip #9: Conduct Usability Testing.
After your page has been up for some time, invite others to give feedback through usability testing. Examples of questions you can ask:
  1. Are you already familiar with the [agency name]? What is your experience with it?
  2. Who do you think runs this [platform] page? Where does the content come from?
  3. Think about your clients or personal acquaintances who are somehow involved in the [insert] community.
  • Do you think they would feel welcomed by the page / likely to remain on here?
  • How would you describe the overall tone of this page?
  • Does the imagery seem inclusive of all the communities you work with?
  1. What is the latest post by [agency name]?
  2. Where can you find the latest videos produced by [agency name]?
The results from usability testing will allow you to modify your page to suit your audiences’ needs.

Tip #10: Take Advantage of Analytics!
Winston Churchill said, “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” That’s what analytics are all about! FacebookExit Disclaimer, TwitterExit Disclaimer, InstagramExit Disclaimer and other sites provide insights into how well your page is performing. They capture metrics such as post engagement, peak times, and follower growth. Make a plan to check your analytics weekly, monthly, or quarterly for any changes in your audience's attitudes or behaviors toward your content. Reviewing your analytics will help you to re-strategize your approach to social media and your page overall.

Social media is all about experimentation! Don’t be afraid to try new things! For help with social media and other digital tools, sign up for a free Virtual Office Hours appointment! Join our email list and we will send you updates filled with weekly digital tools tips and tricks. Happy posting!