It’s Everyone’s Job: Digital Communication for NLAAD 2018

Content From: HIV.govPublished: October 02, 20183 min read


NLAAD logo - National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day

The Latino Commission on AIDSExit Disclaimer coordinates the observance of National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD)Exit Disclaimer, every year on October 15. This opportunity to increase awareness around HIV in Latinx communities relies more and more on the use of digital communication.

The 2018 theme is "Ending HIV is Everyone's Job."  It is up to all of us to ensure that we are using digital communication to spread awareness about HIV prevention and promote HIV testing and services.

Elizabeth Perez, Director, Office of Communications, Education and Engagement, Harris County (TX) Public Health spoke to the importance of using digital communication at NLAAD and beyond:

"We need to be able to reach people where they are. The way individuals receive communication has changed and we need to be adapt to that change. Using visuals and social media, only adds more resources in our arsenal of tools to reach people who need testing the most."

Here are social media resources for NLAAD 2018.

Resources to Promote HIV Testing

To find nearby places to get tested, use the HIV Testing Sites & Care Services Locator. Our embeddable videoExit Disclaimer for health and social service providers models the use of the locator with clients. There's just three steps to embed the locatorExit Disclaimer, by the way. (Here's the widget you need).

The hashtag for Twitter (and beyond) is #NLAAD2018.

If you're looking for Twitter handles to follow, here's a few to connect with:

@NLAADExit Disclaimer
@HIVgovExit Disclaimer
@CDC_HIV/AIDSExit Disclaimer
@talkHIVExit Disclaimer
@infosidaExit Disclaimer

Liking HIV.govExit Disclaimer and CDCHIVExit Disclaimer on Facebook will bring you more about NLAAD and the impact of HIV among Hispanics/Latinos.

Visuals and More

The Latino Commission on AIDS provides downloadable Facebook cover art, social media profile images, and Twitter coversExit Disclaimer with the 2018 theme. Our page includes the updated NLAAD logo for your use.

Check out our HIV basics page to find out more about HIV prevention, care, and treatment. Our Federal Response section describes federal work to address the epidemic. This section includes a Recursos en Español page.

Video has been using Facebook Live to discuss HIV programming, policies, and current issues. Check out the YouTube channelExit Disclaimer for a full list of our videos.

CDC's Doing It campaign includes video testimonials that bring home the message that HIV testing should be a part of everyone's regular health routine.

It's On All of Us

If you want help in planning your digital presence for NLAAD (or generally), you can make a free appointment with the Virtual Office Hours social media experts.

Visit the NLAAD page in the lead up to October 15 to see more communication resources. The Commission lists upcoming NLAAD eventsExit Disclaimer (and yes, you can register your eventsExit Disclaimer).

Here at, we will continue to do our part to keep you informed about national HIV observances and digital communication.