I Know. I Took The Test: Stories from POZ

Content From: Jennie Anderson, AIDS.gov Communications AdvisorPublished: June 11, 20093 min read


Interview of Ian AndersonExit Disclaimer

Earlier this week we shared an HIV testing story initiative focusing on women in the South as we continue our “I Know. I Took The Test”, to learn more about their newly launched HIV Web Video SeriesExit Disclaimer. Here's what Ian had to say:

  • What inspired you to start the POZ web series project?POZ is an advocacy, lifestyle, treatment and information resource in and for the HIV/AIDS community. A big part of our mission is to provide HIV information to the community in whatever way, place, and format it takes to help EVERYONE! With that in mind, we launched a new product called a Web Video Series. These topical series look at different aspects of living with HIV in words of the community and treating professionals. We've covered World AIDS Day and Newly Diagnosed with the first two series and HIV Testing has come up as the next topic of interest among our users.
  • How and why are you using new media to share those stories?POZ is committed to bringing critical HIV/AIDS information to the community wherever they live. Videos work on several different levels at the same time. It helps reach those with lower literacy levels and those who only digest information via new media. These are two important segments at high risk for HIV. Hopefully seeing someone that looks like them through the web series will create a new level of awareness that everyone who is sexually active should use a condom. The number one action is for people to take responsibility for their own lives.
  • What have been a few of the most powerful results and/or lessons learned so far?The number one result has been the viral nature of the video series to date and their ability to reach populations not normally served through our various other products.

Thanks Ian and the POZ team! Check out our NHTD story widget to see more videos and add it to your site! Looking for your local HIV testing center? Send a text message with your ZIP code to “KNOWIT” (566948).

Have a comment about a POZ's web series story? Have you been tested for HIV and want to share what it meant to you? We welcome your comments in the comments section below.Want to know what story initiative we're talking about next? Check back on Tuesday!