#FacingAIDS 2013: Write. Snap. Share.

Content From: Aisha Moore, Communications Associate, AIDS.govPublished: November 05, 20132 min read



Facing AIDS photo

For the sixth year, HIV.gov is hosting the Facing AIDS photo sharing project. We would like to thank everyone who has participated over the years. Through your participation, you have helped to commemorate World AIDS Day (December 1) by bringing awareness to the effects of HIV stigma and encouraging HIV testing. We invite YOU to participate in Facing AIDS for World AIDS for 2013 as we embrace this year’s theme, “Shared Responsibility: Strengthening Results for an AIDS-Free Generation.” Whether you’re joining for the first time, or keeping up your annual participation, it’s time for individuals and groups to Write. Snap. Share.


How to participate
  1. Download the Facing AIDS iPhone/iPad or Android app (coming soon) or print a sign.
  2. Write why you are Facing AIDS.
  3. Take a photo with your message.
  4. Share your photo in our gallery and on social media using hashtag #FacingAIDS.
Be creative

Use your creativity and take Facing AIDS to the next level. Over the years, people have shared their messages in many ways. Things you can do include:

  • Write a blog about why you are Facing AIDS
  • Organize a Facing AIDS even to collect individual and group photos
  • Tweet your “old” Facing AIDS picture and your picture from this year.
  • Take pictures at events you have already planned or routinely attend (staff meetings, parties, school events or in family time)
  • Read a podcast.
  • Make a video from your Facing AIDS event.


Share using #FacingAIDS

Whether you use a photo, blog, or a video, share it on social media using #FacingAIDS. By using #FacingAIDS when you share, you become a part of the many voices across the world who are participating. It also makes it easy to see what everyone has done, and we can share each other’s messages. You can start by visiting the Facing AIDS gallery from last year to see examples. And through December, please read our blog for more about Facing AIDS.

Through anti-stigma campaigns like Facing AIDS, you can help encourage individuals to get tested for HIV, seek treatment, and stay in care so that they can successfully navigate the HIV care continuumExit Disclaimer and achieve viral suppression, moving us all one step closer to an AIDS-free generation.

How will you will participate in #FacingAIDS this year?