Don’t Miss Out! Sign Up for 2023 Marketplace Coverage

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Editorial Note from People purchasing coverage through the Marketplace cannot be denied or charged more for coverage because of a pre-existing condition, including HIV. Marketplace plans also are required to provide a minimum set of essential health benefits, including prescription drugs, doctors’ visits, hospital care, mental health care, and certain preventive services, including HIV screening and PrEP. For more information, go to

Your last chance to enroll in, renew, or change your Marketplace health coverage for 2023 is almost here. The deadline is January 15.

Review, update, & compare, even if you want to keep your plan

  • If you had Marketplace coverage in 2022, review your application from last year and update it with any income and household changes.
  • Updating your information helps make sure you get the right amount of cost savings.

Check out the new plans even if you were happy with your 2022 coverage. There might be another plan that better fits your needs and budget.

Start now—the January 15 deadline is almost here