Do you Text and Drive?

Content From: Aisha Moore, Communications Associate, AIDS.govPublished: April 24, 20122 min read


One Text or Call Could Wreck it All
April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. At we are committed to promoting the use of new media and the responsible use of new media. This month you will hear from team members about the importance of this issue.

Our federal colleagues are equally committed to raising awareness about distracted driving and are using new media to make it happen. In a Department of Transportation (DOT) blog post released today, I was struck by the Bridgestone survey of drivers aged 15 to 21 that found one-third of those surveyed admit to reading text messages while driving.
Yes, there is a growing body of evidence--including today's results from Bridgestone and a survey from NHTSA--that this problem is particularly big among young drivers. But we know that our youngest drivers model what they see around them, and that includes adults who are also engaging in this dangerous behavior.
Earlier this month the DOT also highlighted traditional and new media efforts from States across the US and non-federal partners that address distracted driving.
The traffic safety community has a simple message for drivers: One Text or Call could Wreck it All. DOT has worked hard for several years to end the deadly epidemic of distracted driving. But to kickoff this month, I want to thank the States for their efforts in this important safety fight.Read more...
We want to recognize the Department of Transportation's, Twitter Exit Disclaimer and Youtube Exit Disclaimer) to support this issue. Please follow the DOT on their new media spaces to learn more.

Each of us has an obligation to remind ourselves, our friends, and our family members about the dangers of using new media while driving. What are you doing to support this important issue?