Digital Communication for National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 2016

Content From: Deb LeBel, Partnerships Specialist, AIDS.govPublished: September 27, 20162 min read


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Each national health observance offers another opportunity to promote messages about HIV prevention, care, treatment, and research and to encourage personal action. For National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NGMHAAD) - September 27 – we have assembled digital communication assets you can use across social media platforms.

HIV Services Locator

The HIV Testing Sites & Care Services Locator shows how the Locator mobile app works.

Digital Stories

Are you looking to reach gay and bi men with the power of personal stories? Positive Spin is a series of stories and videos that address the importance of knowing one’s HIV status and getting and staying in care. The Positive Spin stories can help start conversations about knowing your status and connecting to care. Other video stories are included in the CDC’s Start Talking. Stop HIV. campaign.

Talk and Listen

To be a part of the conversation on social media, use this hashtag #NGMHAAD Exit Disclaimer. and other Federal programs are talking about NGMHAAD and HIV on many social channels. is active on: Facebook Exit Disclaimer, Twitter Exit Disclaimer, Instagram Exit Disclaimer, YouTube Exit Disclaimer, and Snapchat Exit Disclaimer.

Visual Resources

We’ve got the logo for the day on our NGMHAAD resource page. CDC has banners, social media images, and other graphics ready for your use. We encourage you to check out the materials from CDC’s Start Talking. Stop HIV. campaign.

More Resources

The NGMHAAD resource page includes Federal digital resources such as fact sheets, resources, downloads, and other materials. CDC has posted a wide array of resources on its feature page, and offers a list of 5 things you can do to observe NMGHAAD .

Get the Facts

The website’s HIV Basics section offers information on risk behaviors and can help you find out where you can take an HIV test. For people who are newly diagnosed with HIV, we discuss the steps for getting into care. For those who are on HIV treatment, we explain how you can stay healthy.

Stay in the Know

As the nation marks NGMHAAD, we are posting several blogs on the blog. We also discuss the national HIV awareness days year-round. (Subscribe here!)