An Update on the AHEAD: Updated Data and New Features Coming Soon

Content From: HIV.govPublished: November 16, 20222 min read


AHEAD America's HIV Epidemic Analysis Dashboard

With the start of a new fiscal year, HHS is excited to announce updates to America’s HIV Epidemic Analysis Dashboard (AHEAD).

AHEAD tracks progress toward the overarching goals of the Ending the HIV Epidemic in the U.S. (EHE) initiative and provides EHE priority areas, communities, and other stakeholders with data to inform planning and decision-making. The six EHE indicators are HIV incidence, knowledge of HIV status, HIV diagnoses, linkage to HIV medical care, viral suppression, and PrEP coverage.

Preliminary updated data for national, states/territories, and counties/areas are now available for:

  • Diagnoses through June 2022. Diagnoses data can inform decision making for enhanced efforts to get more people tested.
  • Linkage to HIV Medical Care through June 2022. This data identifies gaps in services and helps users with decision-making. It shows the percentage of people who have received an HIV diagnosis who are linked to HIV medical care. In contrast, diagnoses are the number of people who have received an HIV diagnosis.
  • PrEP Coverage through March 2022. The percentage of people who are covered provides an enhanced understanding of who is indicated for coverage but is not covered by PrEP.

Each indicator was chosen with specific public health goals in mind and aligned with the four key strategies of the EHE initiative: diagnose, prevent, treat, and respond. Incidence measures the overarching goal of reducing new infections by 90% by 2030.

While designated priority areas were identified during the initial rollout of EHE, every state can now use AHEAD data to address HIV in their communities. As such, AHEAD provides EHE indicator data for all 50 states, 48 EHE priority counties, Washington, DC and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

To enhance functionality and ease of use of AHEAD, we have begun working with a new vendor that has over a decade’s worth of experience and expertise in the field. We look forward to working with them to add new features to AHEAD to improve dashboard accessibility and usability.

We are also looking forward to hearing from our partners and the community on how we can improve AHEAD. Be on the lookout for future opportunities to provide HHS with feedback.

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Stakeholder Input

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