2011 AIDS.gov Communication Strategy: Our Guiding Philosophy, Audiences, Activities, and More

Content From: Mindy Nichamin, AIDS.gov New Media Coordinator, and Jennie Anderson, AIDS.gov Communications AdvisorPublished: February 25, 20111 min read


2011 HIV.gov Communication Strategy Thumbnail 2011 HIV.gov Communication StrategyBehind the scenes at HIV.gov, we use an internal working plan to guide our ongoing communication activities and special initiatives. Recently, our team sat down to update our 2010 plan. It was a useful exercise for us to stop and look back at where we've been over the past year and discuss where we want to go.

Our updated 2011 HIV.gov Communication Strategy Internal Working Plan (PDF 341 KB) incorporates strategies for best reaching our audiences through new and traditional media, and includes a breakdown of our communication channels, strategies, activities, staffing, future directions, and more. We hope that our communication plan can help you understand more about the span and reach of our work at HIV.gov, as well as serve as a resource for you as you develop or augment your communication strategy to reach your audiences in the HIV community and beyond.Do you have any examples or advice on developing a communication plan for your project/organization that you'd like to share? Leave us a comment.