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The White House, the HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health and Office of the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, and multiple federal agencies spearheaded the creation of We are a truly collaborative Federal effort. The team includes representatives from HHS and other Federal government agencies and agency-specific subject-matter experts and Web managers. HHS’s Office of Infectious Disease and HIV/AIDS Policy (OIDP) is the managing sponsor of and works in partnership with the Federal HIV Web Council.

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If you would like additional information about or have feedback about our site, contact us using the link below. Please be advised, however, that we are unable to respond to specific individual health questions. For such inquiries or to locate nearby HIV services or clinical trial opportunities, the Federal government offers several services to assist you:

  1. For information and downloadable materials on HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and tuberculosis (TB), Visit CDC’s National Prevention Information Network (CDC NPIN) online at
  2. If you wish to consult an information specialist to discuss questions about HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STDs, TB, or HIV testing sites, please contact CDC INFO.
  3. To locate nearby HIV prevention (PrEP, PEP, condoms), testing, care and treatment, housing, mental health, substance abuse, or other services, use’s HIV Services Locator. Just enter your ZIP code and view the map of the results which includes addresses, phone numbers and other information to assist you in locating nearby services.
  4. To get customized, confidential answers to your questions about HIV/AIDS clinical trials and treatment, contact health information specialists from the NIH Office of AIDS Research’s HIVinfo:
  5. Search for HIV-related clinical trials at NIH’s


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