World AIDS Day 2014: Resources for a shared effort towards an AIDS-free generation

Content From: Deb LeBel, Partnerships Specialist, AIDS.govPublished: November 25, 20143 min read


For the HIV community, the December 1st observance of World AIDS Day provides an unparalleled opportunity to bring wide attention to our collective response to the epidemic. The U.S. Government’s theme this year is “Focus, Partner, Achieve: An AIDS-free Generation.”

Leading up to World AIDS Day, is sharing 10 simple, ready-to-use resources on a daily basisExit Disclaimer to help you reach specific subsets of your audiences as you plan local observances. There are many audiences to reach with World AIDS Day messaging, but below are additional resources to reach three key groups: young adults, clinicians, and people disproportionately at risk for getting HIV.
Reach Young Adults
Reach Clinicians and Service Providers
An important way to educate medical and social service providers who may not be serving people living with HIV every day is to share the facts:
Reach Individuals at Risk
Many of the resources noted above can help you reach people at risk.
  • For outreach to specific populations, check out the many resources on’s Federal Campaigns page. CDC and other agencies have produced graphics, videos, and social media assets that are ready to incorporate into your World AIDS Day communications.
There are many subsets of people who can and should be reached on and around World AIDS Day. A vital aspect of this observance is that each effort to reach a different community group can make a difference in moving us towards an AIDS-free generation. Through your work, I hope you will take this opportunity to contribute to this year’s theme: Focus, Partner, and Achieve: An AIDS-free generation. What tools are you using for your communication this World AIDS Day?