Watch FYI Video with Harold Phillips: HIV and Aging

Content From: HIV.govPublished: September 15, 20232 min read


For the latest in our FYI video series, recently spoke with Mr. Harold J. Phillips, MRP, Director of the White House Office of National AIDS Policy, at the US Conference on HIV/AIDS, (USCHA) about HIV and aging, as the national day to commemorate this community approaches. Annually, on September 18, National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day (NHAAD) brings attention to issues related to HIV and older adults and highlights the long, full lives of people aging with HIV.

WatchExit Disclaimer the FYI video to hear more from Mr. Phillips.

In our conversation, Mr. Phillips shared insightful perspectives about people aging with HIV, including, for example, the percentage of those with diagnosed HIV who are over the age of 50, the NIH-led plenary at USCHA about its research agenda regarding long-term use of HIV medications on the aging population, and the existing federal partnerships that create access to senior living services.

NHAS Addresses Needs of People Aging with HIV

The National HIV/AIDS Strategy (2022-2025) (NHAS) addresses emergent and evolving challenges facing people living with HIV at various life stages to support healthy aging with HIV. Additionally, it recognizes that the U.S. HIV care and treatment system must adapt to ensure that people aging with HIV receive whole-person care that addresses their HIV- and aging-related health needs. The Strategy highlights the unique mental and physical health and social needs, as well as HIV- and age-related stigma for those aging with HIV and long-term survivors. “[The NHAS] also calls for us to have new and better federal partnerships but also state and local partnerships to look at elder services and elder care. […] Creating those collaborations [and] those partnerships are also part of those strategies in the NHAS,” said Mr. Phillips.

For more information and resources regarding NHAAD, please read our recent blog and visit the awareness day page. Also, watch and share this FYI videoExit Disclaimer with Mr. Phillips to learn more.

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