NIDA 2014 Avant-Garde Award for HIV/AIDS Research

Content From: AIDS.govPublished: May 23, 20141 min read


NIDA arpThis week, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), part of the National Institutes of Health, announced the 2014 Avant-Garde Awards for HIV/AIDS research. According to a NIDA press release, the awards offer hope in battling HIV infection and improving long-term outcomes in HIV-infected drug users.

With proposals ranging from enhancing the immune system’s ability to fight HIV infection to improving long-term immune health in HIV-infected drug users, three scientists have been chosen to receive the 2014 Avant-Garde Award. The three scientists, Drs. Stephen Waggoner, Heinrich Gottlinger, and Melanie Ott, will each receive $500,000 per year for five years to support their research. NIDA's annual Avant-Garde award competition, now in its seventh year, is intended to stimulate high-impact research that may lead to groundbreaking opportunities for the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS in drug users.

NIDA’s Dr. Jacques Normand describes the 2014 NIDA Avant-Garde awards:

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