HRSA Guide for HIV/AIDS Clinical Care

Content From: Laura W. Cheever, MD, ScM, Acting Associate Administrator, HIV/AIDS Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesPublished: June 10, 20111 min read


HRSA Guide for HIV/AIDS Clinical Care

Thanks to advances in detection and treatment, more people are living longer with HIV – but with increased life expectancy comes more complex care. In light of rapidly changing conditions in HIV care, HRSA’s HIV/AIDS Bureau has developed the Guide for HIV/AIDS Clinical Care, a comprehensive roadmap for physicians, nurse-practitioners, dentists, and other clinicians on how best to manage the long-term care of patients. The newly-released volume covers more than 90 topics and provides guidance on a broad range of clinical care issues, including testing and assessment, health care maintenance and disease prevention, oral health, antiretroviral medications, and more.

Given the long-term implications for those living with the virus, there is no better time for a comprehensive guide book to provide easy access to crucial facts for a busy clinician.

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