CDC Launches Monkeypox Vaccine Equity Pilot Program

Content From: CDC.govPublished: September 16, 20221 min read


Cross-posted from: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Equity-focused vaccine projects present an opportunity to pilot creative ways to reach populations who are most affected by monkeypox virus, while contributing to our knowledge of best practices in this current outbreak. Dedicated efforts may reach populations who face barriers to awareness, education, and prevention measures like vaccination. Barriers could include differences in language, location of vaccination sites, vaccine hesitancy, mistrust of government, and lack of access to on-line scheduling technology. Additionally, affected individuals may avoid accessing vaccination at events oriented toward specific sexual or gender identities or sexual activity out of fear of being stigmatized. The Monkeypox Vaccine Equity Pilot Program was developed to demonstrate new, innovative, and non-traditional ways to address vaccination disparities within populations who are most affected.

For information on who can apply, how much vaccine is available, the criteria for participation, how to submit a proposal, and other key details, visit CDC’s Monkeypox Vaccine Equity Pilot Program.