Building digital content for National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 2018

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The HIV community is rapidly approaching the February 7th annual observance of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD).To help our readers flesh out their NBHAAD related social media content, here’s a few resources to weave into your tweets, posts, and online content.

The theme, the hashtag 
The Strategic Leadership CouncilExit Disclaimer (the community lead for NBHAAD) has established this year’s theme: “Stay the Course, the Fight is Not Over! ." We encourage you to include the theme and the hashtag #NBHAADExit Disclaimer in your digital content, so your messages are part of the larger conversation. And follow #NBHAAD to see how the community is recognizing and taking action against the disproportionate impact of HIV among Black Americans.

The NBHAAD logo is available on the NBHAAD page along with fact sheets and other resources from the community and across the U.S. Government. For example we highlight CDC’s resources (such as the #DoingIt campaign and the Let’s Stop HIV Together campaign) that have ready to go visuals. We will be adding more images and other federal and community resources that you can share.

Basic HIV information 
Your tweets and posts can include content from our HIV basics section. There you can find facts (and images) about HIV prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Useful in IRL too!

Stories and more stories 
Don’t miss our Positive Spin video series if you want to use the power of storytelling in your social media content. These real stories of five black gay men living with HIV convey the importance of knowing one’s HIV status, and helps to explain what HIV testing is like, and what getting and staying in care can mean for achieving viral suppression. also offers personal perspectives from community members in our Black Voices blog series.

HIV testing and care services
Our readers often use digital messages around NBHAAD to encourage individuals to know their HIV status. Your posts and tweets can refer your audiences to the HIV Testing Sites & Care Services Locator to find local testing services, and related services.  

More communication resources 
We’ll blog about NBHAAD through February 7th and as always, update our web and social media content with HIV resources, policies and programs. Now’s the time to be sure you’re signed up to get articles from

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