Action Across the Sectors: Highlights from National HIV Testing Day 2010

Content From: Deb LeBel, Partnerships Specialist, AIDS.govPublished: July 06, 20103 min read


Each year I am honored to see all the ways individuals and groups take action for National HIV Testing Day (June 27) — from conversations with loved ones, to getting tested, to attending or organizing local HIV testing events, to hosting press conferences, to convening online events. This year, I was particularly excited to see so much involvement from so many diverse stakeholders — government (Federal, state, and local), community, private sector, and individuals. We were inspired by CDC’s Dr. Kevin Fenton’s remarks during our National HIV Testing Day webinar for Federal employees and grantees on the current and future state of HIV testing.

“I’m particularly excited about this year’s observance... we have more tools for disseminating life-saving information and more campaigns to promote HIV testing and HIV prevention, more than we’ve had in the past 20 years. And today’s webinar is actually an example of the power of partnership, the strength that we have in numbers, and the strength that we have in sharing information...These activities, as well as the commitment from so many of us on the line, from national and local organizations, the commitment of this administration to develop a National HIV/AIDS Strategy, these are all indicators that positive changes are happening in America.”

At, we had the honor of participating in a number of different activities for testing day. Here’s a few things we took part in:

Did you take action for National HIV Testing Day? If so, we would love to know what you did. And we’d love to know the tools and methods you use to promote HIV testing year round!