National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day #NBHAAD
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National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day #NBHAAD

February 7
2024 Theme

Engage, Educate, Empower: Uniting to End HIV/AIDS in Black Communities.

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February 7

February 7 is National HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD), which was first observed in 1999. This observance is a day to acknowledge how HIV disproportionately affects Black people.

Black communities have made great progress in reducing HIV. Yet racism, discrimination, and mistrust in the health care system may affect whether Black people seek or receive HIV prevention services. These issues may also reduce the likelihood of engaging in HIV treatment and care. NBHAAD is an opportunity to increase HIV education, testing, community involvement, and treatment among Black communities.

This year’s theme is "Engage, Educate, Empower: Uniting to End HIV/AIDS in Black Communities".

  • Engage: Discussing ways to better involve the black community in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment efforts. This can include outreach programs, community partnerships, and utilizing local leaders and influencers to promote HIV testing and destigmatize the conversation around HIV/AIDS.
  • Educate: Focusing on improving HIV/AIDS education among black youth and adults. This could cover the latest research, treatment options, understanding of PrEP and PEP medications, and debunking myths that contribute to stigma and discrimination.
  • Empower: Highlighting success stories and strategies that have effectively empowered black individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Empowerment can be through advocacy, policy change, access to care, and support systems.

Stay tuned for more information on events and activities for the day!

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National HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Resources

Visit the NBHAAD Awareness Day page for resources such as the NBHAAD logo, fact sheets, and other materials from the community and across the U.S. Government. The CDC provides basic HIV facts about HIV prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, a digital toolkit, and Let’s Stop HIV Together campaign resources for virtual or other events.
Other HIV resources include:

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National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness
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Use Federal Resources

Taking my HIV meds every day helps me to feel good and stay undetectable.Download Video

Read this post about how Digital Health Interventions Increase Adherence to HIV PrEP.

Check out the Ready, Set, PrEP program offering free PrEP to eligible patients.

Use the Let’s Stop HIV Together campaign resources to fight stigma.

Learn about the National HIV/AIDS Strategy.

Use AHEAD to learn how HIV disproportionately affects Black Americans.

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Find HIV Testing and Other Services

Get connected to HIV services.

According to the CDC, encouraging people to get tested and know their HIV status can help them stay healthy. Today, there are more free, easy, fast, and confidential HIV testing options available than ever before. Get free HIV self-testing kitsExit Disclaimer.

Use the HIV Testing Sites & Care Services Locator.

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Learn about HIV

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Read CDC’s fact sheets about HIV and African American People and about HIV and African American Gay and Bisexual Men.

Learn the HIV Basics. Know the Facts, Take Care of Yourself.

View the timeline which reflects the history of the domestic HIV and AIDS epidemic.

Use Social Media

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Follow @HIVgovExit Disclaimer and use #NBHAAD.

Use this social media toolkit to promote awareness of NBHAAD. Access copy for posts, and get posters, and videos, too!