Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Living healthy with HIV includes preventing other sexually transmitted diseases. Learn about HIV and STDs.

Alcohol and Drug Use

Alcohol and drug use can be harmful to the health of people living with HIV.

Taking Your HIV Medications Every Day

Why Is It Important for Me to Take My HIV Medications Every Day?

Taking your HIV medications every day provides many benefits. Among them, it:

HIV Treatment Overview

HIV treatment with medication is recommended for all people living with HIV. Learn why it's important.

What to Expect at Your First HIV Care Visit

Find out what to expect during your HIV medical visits and how to partner with your provider to manage your health.

Paying for HIV Care and Treatment

Wondering how you will pay for HIV treatment costs? Discover resources and programs that may help

Locate a HIV Care Provider

Find the HIV medical care you need to stay healthy and manage your HIV effectively. Help is available!

Take Charge of Your Care

HIV treatment is most successful when you actively take part in your medical care. Learn what you can do.

HIV Vaccines

There is no HIV vaccine yet, but scientists are working to make one! Learn more.

Understanding HIV Test Results

Find out what HIV test results mean—and what to do after you get the results.