What Interested Readers Most in 2020

Content From: HIV.govPublished: December 30, 20203 min read


Screenshot of HIV.gov homepage showing the most read 2020 blog posts

A look back at the posts shared on the HIV.gov blog in 2020 tells us about some of the issues of particular interest to readers this year:

The Ending the HIV Epidemic Initiative

Throughout 2020, HIV.gov readers sought information on Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America, progress made to achieve its goals, and what lies ahead for this national initiative.

COVID-19 and HIV

Understandably, readers of HIV.gov’s blog were very interested in information about COVID-19 and its impact on people at risk for and living with HIV. HIV.gov launched a page featuring federal resources on COVID-19 and HIV and shared several posts of great interest to our readers, including:

HIV Self-testing

As facility closures and the need to maintain safe physical distance began to limit the availability of in-person HIV testing across the country, the HIV community responded by innovating to make HIV self-testing more widely available, as documented in these posts:

HIV Research Developments

2020 was a big year for scientific advances in HIV prevention, care, and treatment that put us closer to ending the HIV epidemic. These important research developments were covered in posts such as these:

HIV Funding

News on funding opportunities and grants awarded was also of interest to HIV.gov readers. Among the posts that received interest in 2020 were:

A number of these posts (and many others not listed here) were guest posts or cross-posts from our partners at agencies across the U.S. government. We're grateful to them for their ongoing collaboration and we look forward to continuing to share information with you in 2021 on these and other topics. Happy New Year!