Using Digital Communication at World AIDS Day 2016

Content From: AIDS.govPublished: November 22, 20162 min read


World AIDS Day 2016 - Leadership. Commitment. Impact.

Since the first World AIDS Day in 1988, we have seen tremendous changes in our collective response to HIV and AIDS--including changes in the way advocates, leaders, people affected by the virus, and others communicate about HIV.

(Check out our Timeline of HIV/AIDS to learn how the epidemic has evolved.)

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other digital platforms have made it possible for us to connect in creative ways and to reach diverse audiences with messages about this yearly observance. Here are some brief answers to a few common questions about digital communication for World AIDS Day 2016.

What’s the theme?

The 2016 Federal theme is “Leadership. Commitment. Impact.

What hashtag should I use?

Both #EndAIDS2030Exit Disclaimer and #WAD2016Exit Disclaimer are in play for this year’s World AIDS Day. We’ve seen a few other tags in use, such as #WorldAIDSDay Exit Disclaimer. Depending on your message, you may prefer one or another hashtag, but remember--carefully using the most common hashtags help others find your message.

What videos could help me reach my community?

Positive Spin is a digital educational tool that uses the power of personal stories and video to raise awareness about the HIV care continuum and to encourage people to know their HIV status and get into treatment. The videos feature the personal experiences of five HIV-positive, gay black men.who have successfully navigated the care continuum.

The Our Strategy: National HIV/AIDS Strategy Updated to 2020Exit Disclaimer video can jumpstart conversation with community members, healthcare providers, and local leaders.

If you’re working to reach healthcare providers, check out this video about using the HIV Testing Sites and Care Services LocatorExit Disclaimer. For more videos, visit on Youtube Exit Disclaimer, and CDC’s YouTube channel Exit Disclaimer.

Where can I find digital images and resources?’s World AIDS Day page or CDC’s Act against AIDS campaigns on Instagram Exit Disclaimer. The Greater than AIDS campaign also has shareablesExit Disclaimer. has curated a collection of Federal public awareness and education campaigns that includes graphics, fact sheets, and more to address HIV prevention, treatment, care, and research. One example is CDC’s DoingIt campaign which emphasizes the importance of HIV testing for all people ages 18 to 64 and encourages all adults to get tested for HIV. Globally, UNAIDS offers the Hands Up for #HIV Prevention campaignExit Disclaimer.

Where can I learn more about using social media?

You can sign up for Virtual Office Hours and get customized technical assistance. You can get ready-to-go resources on our World AIDS Day page.