#NHASeverywhere: Southern Science Makes HIV Research Accessible

Content From: HIV.govPublished: November 08, 20222 min read


SAC Southern Science NHAS everywhere Learning Series for Community

Terms like PrEP, U=U, and social determinants of health are commonly used within health care and science but might not be familiar outside our fields. Southern Science hopes to change this and make these terms more recognizable to more people because these terms are all related to preventing HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) transmissions. This month, #NHASeverywhere highlights Southern Science, a community learning series that makes HIV research accessible by breaking down the science. Read more about Southern Science below and contact us if you’d like for HIV.gov to highlight the impact of the NHAS in your communities.

#NHASeverywhere Story

Coordinated by the Southern AIDS Coalition (SAC), Southern ScienceExit Disclaimer is an educational series that shares information from Southern researchers and scientists, as well as community advocates addressing issues and breakthroughs related to HIV science, COVID-19, and other relevant areas.

Each program features HIV science paired with how it is used in the South. SAC is partnering with different organizations and advocates to create accessible resources with both the science and the prevention tools necessary to end the HIV epidemic in the South.

“At Southern AIDS Coalition, we recognize that having access to information is empowering,” says Executive Director Dafina Ward.

Everyone has a status, and SAC wants more people to understand their status, learn how to stay healthy, and know how to keep their community safe and thriving. They also include Science & Prevention resources to dispel science myths and provide important information.

Southern Science aligns with objective 3.5 in the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (2022-2025) (NHAS): Train and expand a diverse HIV workforce by further developing and promoting opportunities to support the next generation of HIV providers including health care workers, researchers, and community partners, particularly from underrepresented populations. Southern Science also seeks to increase individuals’ knowledge of their HIV status, which is NHAS objective 1.1.

Launched by HIV.gov in Spring 2022, #NHASeverywhere is a social media effort that spotlights the amazing work being done in communities across the country to help reach the goals detailed in the NHAS. Each story highlights work that aligns with the NHAS, as an example of the collective efforts needed across the nation to end the HIV epidemic.

To learn more about the NHAS and its implementation throughout the country, follow our social media channels (FacebookExit Disclaimer, TwitterExit Disclaimer, and InstagramExit Disclaimer) and sign up for updates, as HIV.gov will share more stories like the Southern AIDS Coalition’s Southern Science.