New HIV Indicator Data Available on AHEAD

Content From: Harold J. Phillips, MRP, Senior HIV Advisor and Chief Operating Officer for Ending the HIV Epidemic, Office of Infectious Disease and HIV/AIDS Policy, U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesPublished: April 05, 20212 min read


Updated AHEAD Data.

AHEAD Data Update

Recently, HHS updated America’s HIV Epidemic Analysis Dashboard (AHEAD) with preliminary data for three of the six EHE indicators. The availability of new data on AHEAD addresses the request from HIV stakeholders for access to more frequent, reliable and up-to-date data for EHE priority areas.

Preliminary annual and quarterly data are now available to provide EHE priority areas, communities, and other stakeholders with the most recent data to inform their planning and decision making.

  • Annual and quarterly data updates for diagnoses through September 2020. Users can now access the diagnoses data to enhance community outreach efforts and get more people tested.
  • Annual and quarterly data updates for linkage to HIV medical care through June 2020. Users can see the percentage of people linked to HIV medical care vs. the number of people who received an HIV diagnosis. This data can help to identify gaps in service and retool current resources.
  • Annual and quarterly data updates for PrEP coverage through June 2020. Users can see the percentage of people covered and gain an enhanced understanding as to who is indicated for coverage but isn’t covered by PrEP.
  • Indicator data for all 50 states

Including EHE indicator data for all 50 states is essential to collectively ending the HIV epidemic in the U.S. This national effort requires the gathering of relevant HIV data and other critical resources for state and local level stakeholders. While designated priority areas were identified during the initial rollout of EHE, every state can now use AHEAD data to address HIV in their communities.

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