National Transgender HIV Testing Day – Chandi Moore CDC Blog & Twitter Chat Today at 3:00 PM (EST)

Content From: CDC - Doing It CampaignPublished: April 18, 20162 min read


Editor’s Note: From CDC’s Doing It – an HIV testing and prevention campaign.

Chandi Moore, CDC's Doing It Campaign
Chandi Moore, CDC's Doing It Campaign

It’s Our Time – The Transgender Community and HIV/AIDS
By: Chandi Moore, Health Education Associate at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles

On a recent episode of 'I am Cait,' I shared about my past and how difficult my journey has been. Despite the 'glitz and glamor' that you see on TV, it has not been an easy road for many transgender people, including me. I know that many transgender and gender non-conforming people share in my struggle or have experienced even worse. I am grateful that I have a national platform where my voice can be heard, but many of my fellow transgender people don’t have the same opportunity. In fact, a lot of us still suffer in silence, especially from HIV/AIDS.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I urge all my transgender brothers and sisters to step out and get tested for HIV on April 18. Tests are free and confidential, and you can find a testing location near you at In addition, I challenge all HIV/AIDS advocates to embrace the transgender population and help us stop the HIV/AIDS epidemic among us. Bring us to the table when you are having important conversations about the health of our community. Let our voices be heard, not just on TV, but in public meetings, at events, and in your research.

I’ll be hosting a Twitter chat about National Transgender HIV Testing Day on April 18 at 3:00 PM. Please join me using the hashtag #TransHIVchatExit Disclaimer. Let’s work together to remove the barriers to HIV prevention and treatment for everyone.